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  • Nikhil Bhagwat

Monsters U (3D)

 Main Voice Cast:  Billy Crystal, John Goodman, and Helen Mirren

Year of Release: 2013

Language: English

Direction: Dan Scanlon

Rating: ***

When a person hears the word “Monster”, he or she would feel scared in their toddler years. This movie is a prequel to the successful Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski is a college student who wants to be the best monster at “scaring”.  His agenda, besides scaring people, is to graduate successfully from the University and also make new friends.

He meets James Sullivan, who is reputed to be the best scarcer in the town. Initially, Sullivan and Wazowski are at loggerheads with each other. Eventually, as the simplistic story progresses they become inseparable friends.

Mike wracks his brain to become a successful scarer, but the Dean of the University, Dean Hardscrabble comes in his way. Will he graduate successfully or will the dean be a hindrance?

The premise of “Monsters” seemed quite interesting. Instead it becomes a not-so-scary movie with some humor that is enjoyable in the second half. To be honest, the first half is boring and a little slow. I had not watched the first movie, but Hollywood, is routing to prequels, so that people know what is in store for them later. The last movie that used this method was the recently released Skyfall.  The direction is better in the second half.

The animation of characters is good and so is the 3D quality. Of the voice cast, Helen Mirren is really good as Dean Hardscrabble. The character has the right looks and expressions to frighten the audience. John Goodman and Billy Crystal’s pair provides the required comedy. They also play their characters as the story demands. My favorite part in the movie is where Wazowski prepares his team for a competition.

Overall, this movie is good but not great. A one time watch if I may say so?

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