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  • Nikhil Bhagwat


India Release: July 27, 2018

Cast: Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, Alec Baldwin, Henry Cavil, Rebecca Fergusson & others

Direction: Christopher McQuarrie

Nikhil’s Rating: **1/2

Run time: 2 Hours 28 Minutes (147 Minutes)

Where do I start? This new Mission Impossible movie, had me all eyes & ears when the first trailer had launched. As filmmakers always say: The trailer sets the bar and can be seen as a possible yardstick for a film’s fate at the theatre. I am not trying to throw what the producers of the movie do here or throw marketing jargon. It is just that this film turns out to be a damp squib when compared to the previous two movies: Rogue Nation & Ghost Protocol. You might be thinking, sequels, sequels & more sequels? Am I right? You betcha!

The leading man Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) gets the famous “self destructing” message containing the details of the mission and he then has to bring his allies together and prevent a global catastrophe. There is nothing wrong with that. But Fallout becomes predictable and the intrigue value evident in the thriller genre is lacking.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol & Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation had many things going for it: A consistently engaging and a riveting plot-line with unpredictable plot-twists thrown in for the gasps & clap-trap moments. Here, director Christopher McQuarrie, throws out the above-mentioned points and instead goes for a gloomy & dark tone when it comes to the screenplay. Benji played by Simon Pegg, does deliver the laughs, but these are scattered throughout a film that has an overlong run-time of 2 Hours & 28 Minutes! I have to admit, I haven’t watched the first three movies in this series but they have had a moderate runtime that is mostly under 2 Hours.

MI Fallout does succeed in its Cinematography. The shots have been composed with a high sense of aesthetics which suits each location in the movie. The action sequences, do leave an impact but have been stretched for far too much time. A shorter duration for them could have resulted in a more edge-of-the seat thrill ride.

The climax is cringe-worthy, to be precise. In fact, every Mission Impossible I have watched as mentioned earlier does have a cheesy climax set-piece and at times entertaining too. But, here you never buy it in because of half baked writing. Hence, the characters that we know and love try hard to please and satisfy the audience. Don’t get me wrong, the effort and hard work does show, but the makers needed a better script to work with.

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