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  • Nikhil Bhagwat

Dunkirk Review

Release Date: July 12, 2017

Nikhil’s Rating: ****

Direction: Christopher Nolan

Some movies are a ‘must watch’ and others are not worth the audiences’ time at all. Then there are others that are just ‘watchable’ or ‘average’. Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, is a ‘must watch’!

Having watched some of Christoper Nolan’s other body of work such as: Inception and Interstellar, this movie can be termed as a departure from his earlier style of work. It is an experience in realism! It is an experience that he conceptualized in the 90s when taking a tour of Dunkirk with his wife, Emma Thomas, who is also the producer on this project.

It is evident from the opening scene that the director wants to take the audience on a tense journey when a shootout ensues. The patrons follow this journey in three distinct phases: Land, Water and Air.

Based on the evacuation that took place during World War II in Dunkirk, France, it revolves around the rescue operations that took place when the Germans invaded Dunkirk. For all those who do not know the history behind the evacuation, a total of approximately 400,000 troops were involved in the operation. Britain and France were allies against the Germans.

The film is a representation of this incident through Nolan’s lens. It relies on minimal dialogue and breathtaking visuals. The background score by Hans Zimmer not only adds to the narrative, but also gives a sense of the constant tension that the soldiers go though. The audience does not have any space to think about anything else but the relentless action.

Much like the other films mentioned earlier, Dunkirk takes the non-linear narrative approach in its telling, which some might find confusing and/or at times even repetitive. But all said and done, it emerges as one of the best works that Nolan has produced. It definitely has scope to get a few Oscar wins especially in categories such as Best Cinematography, Best Original Score or the Sound Mixing category.

It certainly is one of the best-crafted Hollywood films I have watched, especially after the laborious efforts that have gone into making of the film. Do not miss this one.


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