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  • Nikhil Bhagwat


  Cast: Swapnil Joshi, Ankush Chaudhari, Jitendra Joshi, Sai Thamankar, Urmila Kanetkar   and others

Direction: Sanjay Jadhav

 Year of Release: 2013

Language: Marathi

Rating ***

This story is about friendship. The audience is transported to the 80s era where the students dance to retro tunes in bell-bottom pants.    Shreyas Talwalkar is a boy who is a freshman in college. He is told to attend college (and that too a specific one) by his mother. There, he meets Digambar Shankar Patil alias DSP enacted by Ankush Chaudhari. As they become friends, Shreyas becomes the unofficial leader of the Gang known as Katta. There are two girls in the thick: Shirin, played by Sai Thamhankar and Meenu (Urmila Kanetkar). Shreyas is actually attracted to Sai, but is forced to woo Meenu. A political and creepy Sai (Jitendra Joshi) enters into the so-far-so-good story. How does Shreyas Talwalkar help his friends in the gang? Will he be able to choose between Shirin and Meenu? What role does Sai play? Will he make Shreyas’s choice better or worse?

Duniyadaari is a movie based on a book by Suhas Shirwalkar of the same name. I had not read the book before watching the movie. But that was not an issue, as the climax in the screenplay tells the audience the entire message with great sensitivity.

I must say that the technical aspects of Marathi movies are getting better with every movie I watch. All the actors and the crew team have done a fabulous job in the overall presentation. It is difficult to single out each member.  That said, the movie could have been shorter by some 15 minutes or so, because it drags a little. The direction by Sanjay Jadhav is very good. The Cinematography by Prasad Bhende, is eye-filling.

This movie has gathered really fantastic reviews, but I would say that it is an entertaining one-time watch.

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